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    Kadarka Street Kindergarten, Budapest

    Text: Szilvia Molnár
    Architecture and photos: György Dénes

    At the beginning of the year, the sunny, modern Kadarka Street Kindergarten was handed over 100 children and 20 kindergarten workers in the garden-town part of the former Pesthidegkút called Széphalom. Not only did the area thrive with a new institution building, but also with real architectural quality. In the investment, the customer defined the design of a building with increased accessibility for 100 children and the use of renewable energy sources. Increased accessibility was also a key moment in the planning, as in this kindergarten the so-called they follow an inclusive method of education, ie. the needs of children with special educational needs, such as those with some kind of disability, must also be met.

    General design: DNS-Építészműterem Kft
    Architect: György Dénes
    Fellow architect: Anikó Bánhidi-Kovács
    Structure: Lászlóné Bánhidi
    Framework: Péter Handa
    Garden: Zsófia Kedves
    HVAC: János Kabak
    Electrical engineering: Krisztina Sindelyesné Balla
    Kitchen technology: Ágnes Palainé Straub
    Elevator: Miklós Tóth
    Accessibility: Tamás Laki dr.
    Fire protection: Róbert Németi