Town Scale, City Scale

Town Hall, Törökbálint

Architects: Ferenc Keller, Barnabás Láris, Dávid Szabó
Text: Sándor Csontó
Photos: József Hajdú

The local government of Törökbálint has been planning for decades now to provide services to its population from a single modern venue with a more cost-efficient system instead of scattered and outdated buildings that house its institutions. The suburb near the capital city is a dynamically developing settlement of the agglomeration, but owing to its historic traditions and structural faculties has not yet been able to construct a genuine institutional centre, a communal agora. The design submitted by Modulárt Stúdió won the first prize in the contest published for the scheme of the new town hall of Törökbálint. The result is a spectacular building with town scales. The building shows originality, freshness and contemporary architectural design in its every single component. By shifting back one part of the main block a decorative urban-style plaza was created with a fountain, digital benches and a garden, which is an open prelude to the institution itself, as it connecst with the interiors functionally. The local government thus also provides an excellent venue for official and communal events associated with the everyday life of the settlement.

General design: Modulárt Kft.
Architects: Ferenc Keller, Barnabás Láris, Dávid Szabó
Fellow architects: Eszter Bors, Györgyi Csanádi-Szikszay, Dalma Fix, Titusz Rónai, Ákos Szák-Kocsis
Structure: Gábor Honti
Soil mechanics: Dr. Balázs Móczár PhD
HVAC: Zoltán Lobenvein
Electrical engineering: János Haratik, Tamás Piatkó
Framework: Tamás Szutor, Károly Lehel Kovács
Interiors: Csilla Kelemen
Environment: Dániel Kontra
Water technology: Sándor Szűcs
Client: Törökbálint Város Önkormányzata