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  • Public Buildings – Changing Aspects

    Lectures and Discussion, FUGA, January 22nd, 2016

    Text: Eszter Götz

    Tumaini templom, Kibera, Kenya

    Tumaini church, Kibera, Kenya

    The Public Buildings Design Department of the Budapest University of Technology has commemorated its 70th anniversary. Head of the department, Mihály Balázs and his colleagues decided to celebrate it by defining its present position and trying to find its possible trends of the future instead of looking back into its past. Held in FUGA, the conference and the round-table discussion following it have thus proven to be a spiritual-intellectual workshop where concepts were clarified. Categories such as public buildings, community, common properties were mentioned for discussion, just like the follow-up of the useability of completed buildings, issues of participation, the mutual relationship between clients and designers, as well as the changes affecting the functions of individual buildings.