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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Museum without Artefacts

    Digital Museum, Pecica, Romania

    Architect: Claudiu Ionescu
    Text: Edit Pálinkás
    Photos: Bogdan Iorgovan


    The building represents Romania’s first permanent digital museum. Inside visitors can virtually explore art and artefact collections from around the world through the use of the latest technology in 3D video projections, 3D screens, touchscreens and so on. A big advantage is that the museum can host any exhibition, presentation or event and that the visitors can effectively inform themselves not just about the collections of the museums but also about the surrounding environment, local traditions and history without the need of a large expositional space. Flexibility is also a key benefit, and exhibits can be changed almost instantly without big staff and high maintenance costs. Located near the Mures Floodplain Natural Park, an environmentally protected area, the building has a very strong eco-friendly character. “Inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s Miracle sculpture, the building rises naturally from the ground through golden spirals (the Fibonacci spirals) and crystallizes in a shape that, just like its muse, tries to set itself free from „the past burdens”, striving to rise high” – said Claudiu Ionescu architect.

    Architect: Claudiu Ionescu
    Fellow archtiects: Claudiu Ionescu, Dragos Milotin, Gabriel Takacs, Calin Sebarchievici
    Main contractor: S.C. Start S.R.L.