Attraction and Repulsion

Torsos of passage houses in downtown Újpest

Text and photos: Anna Kornélia Losonczy, Melinda Benkő

Before 1950, when Újpest was integrated as District 4 of Greater Budapest, it had existed as one of the largest towns of the country …

Spontaneous Architecture in Tirana

Text and photos: Bence Bene

The urban architecture of the capital city of Albania is featured by spontaneous development, in various and versatile aspects. In my article below I present three tendencies of its evolution of architecture and urbanism, …

Thickening Vacancies

Community building cores in new contemporary buildings of Oxford University

Text: Tímea Deichler, Dániel Jakab

In our present survey we focussed on novelties in spatial organisation featuring three buildings of Oxford University opened in the 2010s. Tendencies in modern …

Albert Kőrössy’s Architecture

Issues of stereotypes and etimology associated with Art Nouveau in Hungary

Text: Eszter Baldavári

The 150th anniversary of Albert Kálmán Kőrössy’s birth, who was one of the most talented architects of turn-of-the-century Hungary, is celebrated by the opening of …

The tenement palace where Gustav Mahler moved

Vilmos Freund died 100 years ago

Text and photos: András Jeney

At No. 7, Teréz Boulevard, Budapest architect Vilmos Freund designed an elegant tenement palace commissioned by landowner Jakab Sváb. Born in Paks and died 100 years ago now, …

Testimonies towards a deeper understanding of Modernist architecture

Ferenc Vámossy: Essays on Architectural Theory
Tarsoly Kiadó, 2019, 420 page

Text: Mária Tatai

Of several hundreds of articles written by Ferenc Vámossy, five have been selected and included in his volume published now. Surveying five independent topics, they …

The place in the world of the non-places

István Schneller: Modern Sacred Buildings
Typotex, Budapest, 2019

Text: Tamás Meggyesi

When holding a book on architecture with beautiful photographs, we are inclined to limit our attention to the illustrations. However, if we start turning the pages, and get …

Katharina Roters: Anatomy of a Dream

Architectural illusions and city utopies in Armenia
Mai Manó House, Budapest, 29 January – 8 March 2020

Text: Borbála Jász
Photos: Mai Manó Ház

The exhibition presents the visual investigations pursued by Katharina Roters in Armenia since 2000. The …