Guidelines for Authors


Objectives and topics

The periodical titled Magyar Építőművészet accepts reviews of buildings with literary and scientific standards, essays, original studies presenting scientific achievements of architecture, manuscripts, reviews of books on architecture or its associated fields, and reviews of exhibitions. The supplement titled Utóirat accepts authentic and original studies on architectural theory, the history of architecture, protection of historic buildings and monuments, architectural heritage, rehabilitation, reconstruction, revitalization, interior architecture, design, urbanism, sacred architecture, landscape design, environmental psychology, public domain development, construction science, engineered structures, eco-conscious and sustainable architecture, architectural innovation, associated arts and sciences, innovative technological novelties, manuscripts on topics of philosophy, space theory, aesthetics, ecology, professional policy. Based on the peer review (double blind review), the editor-in-chief makes the final decision about the publication of the manuscripts submitted,


Submitting Manuscripts

Manuscripts are kindly requested to be submitted via this email:

The manuscript lengths are to be discussed with the editors. The typical length of a study published in the supplement titled Utóirat (Post Scriptum) tends to vary between 10,000 and 30,000 characters.

Studies are to be submitted by attaching an abstract in both Hungarian and Engish languages with a maximum length of 800-1,500 charcters.



Sources and works by other authors are to be referred to in footnotes. When firstly occurring, please use the entire form of the reference, then in an abbreviated form if it is a source by the same author, including the name and date (year).




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A Collection of Studies, Anthology:

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Online Publication:

Lampel Miklós: A svéd építészet vonzereje. Építészfórum, 2003. január 10. <>  [megtekintve: 2017. január 26.]


Privacy and Data Protection

Personal data submitted during the publication process shall not be passed on to a third party for other purposes.


Legal Data

Founder (1903) and publisher of the periodical: Magyar Építőművészek Szövetsége (Association of Hungarian Architects) H-1088 Budapest Ötpacsirta u 2.