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    Detached House, Budapest

    Architect: Jenő Kapy
    Text: Balázs Turai
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky


    The building was born out of the dialogue between the client and the designer having a joint approach and paying attention to each other. It is based on a concept of environment-friendly and energy-saving operation and ecologicality which, in a holistic way, includes the entire variety of means ranging from orientation through active and passive engineering. Placed on the roof there are solar collectors to provide heating as well as a geothermic system to heat and to cool coordinated by automatic computerized control. A spare gas boiler is also built into the system but only as a complementary safety solution, whilst there is no need at all for climate engineering. As a result of having walls with thick insulation for heating, three-layered glazed openings and the passive means of airing through the roof, the building may be rated as an intelligent house almost entirely autonomous from the energetical point of view.

    Architect: Jenő Kapy DLA
    Interior design: Diana Geiger
    Fellow architect: Tibor Sziksz – Módos és Társa Bt.
    Structure: Mihály Oláh – Ol-Stat Bt.
    Plumbing & HVAC: András Léderer – Thermo Zrt.
    Garden design: Andrea Balog – 4D Tájépítész Iroda