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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Folk Romanticism and/or Professional Dogma

    Architecture of the Upper Balaton Region Based on Traditions

    Architect: Endre Szűcs
    Text: Péter Tóth
    Photos: Endre Szűcs


    Engaged in historic monuments in the 1970s Endre Szűcs szót protested against the demolition of the Hungarian village, against the tent-roofed cubic houses, trend-architecture imported from the West and against flat-roofed holiday homes. After 36 years Providence provided an opportunity for the architect to defend his views, namely by acting and constructing houses to prove the truth of his ars poetica. Touring Szentbékkálla in the Upper Balaton region now, in 2009 one stumbles upon a house designed in Mérmű studio, that of Endre Szűcs in almost every street. Of special interest are his works made as the renovations or continuations of old buildings such as the former peasant house in Petőfi and Bem Streets now functioning as a holiday home designed by Szűcs and Csaba Sallós.