From the Babbling Séd to Shanghai

Geographical and Architectural Links between Veszprém and China Text: Eszter Baldavári The book born thanks to the cooperation between the Hungarian Consulate in Shanghai and the Association of Hungarian Architects, which was based on a manuscript written by the author of this study, is about the oeuvre of Károly Gonda, a Shanghai-based Hungarian architect, and […]


Design Methods of Segregate Communal Architecture Text: Kata Varjú One of the most serious global and social local issues in Hungary at present are segregation and the deepening social gaps along with it. The impacts affecting a certain society are associated with almost every competencies of every single field of science. This is why the […]

Swedish Architecture and Hungarian Immigrants in the 20th Century

Details of the Activities of Hungarian Immigrant Architects in Sweden Text: András Hadik This study was written to survey the careers of Hungarian-born architects who immigrated to Sweden during World War II or in the post-war era, and produced the majority of their oeuvre there. The author reveals less known aspects of Hungarian immigrant architects […]

The National Flag by Géza Maróti from Zebegény in Kunsthalle Budapest

Text: György Szegő In 2017 the highly successful exhibition held in the apse of the Kunsthalle building titled Hidden Stories the life reforming movements and arts included a life-size model of a stage architecture by Adolphe Appia which was later on used as the venue for unique events during exhibitions and certain debuts as well. […]

An Aspect of Urban Architecture

Residential Buildings in the Social Realist Style in Budapest Text: Kornélia Kissfazekas Research works surveying the tendencies in the state socialist countries still do not actually favour the urban architecture of the 1950s. The memories of political influences, the dictatorial system and the directives permeating every aspect of life evoke negative feelings sometimes based on […]

A Cry for Help to Preserve the Ruins in Margaret Island

Text: János Roth Back in 1997 the management of the municipality of Budapest decided to professionally excavate the ruins of the monastery in Margaret Island which had been deteriorating for decades by then. The plan was to also rate it as a priority of the protection of historic buildings. The site of these ruins is […]