Post Scriptum: 90

This is No. 90 of our supplement issue. This attachment has been published with the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture for one and a half decades now as a supplement devoted to architectural theory, and is the one and only …

Italian Brick in Debrecen

Jost Ferenc (1901–1957) Oeuvre

Text: János Jost

Within the Modernist trend of Hungarian architecture Ferenc Jost, an architect from Debrecen represented Cubism – his works are also rated as Expressionist pieces. His Cubist style was influenced by Italian architecture …


Commemoration apropos of the Gödöllő holiday home complex by Péter Kaffka

Text: Endre Prakfalvi
Photos: Krisztina Nagy, Krisztina Bélavári – Forster Központ

The periodical Hungarian Architecture published a presentation of the two buildings in Gödöllő by architect Péter Kaffka …

Typological Parallels – Parallel Typologies

Structural types of cities in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy between 1867-1918

Text: Éva Lovra

To create the harmony of our built heritage and contemporary demands and concept, the definition and survey of the values to be preserved within the processes …

A Photographer Amongst Architects

Daniel Schwartz and Urban-Think Tank

Text: Csilla Herbszt, Bence Komlósi
Photos: Daniel Schwartz – U-TT

The report below has been inspired by a friendshop of professionals with a past of many years now. One of the partners is Daniel …

A Garden of Eden in the Shadow of a Coup d’État

Expo 2016 Gardening World Exhibition
Antalya, April 23-October 30th, 2016

Text and photos: Pál Lővei

Turkey has been one of the most industrious participant of gardening exhibitions and world exhibitions for about 25 years now. Since then its presentations …

A Dialogue Between Architecture and Interior Architecture

19th Conference on Interior Architecture

Text: László Attila Márton

The change of the political system which took place more than 25 years ago now also meant a ceasure in every aspect of our lives today, including space, object and …