The Role on Online Communication within the Social Processing of the Heritage of the Late Modern

Text: Károly Zubek In the recent period, our late modern architectural heritage has repeatedly become one of the main topics of architectural discourse, although mostly this happened in connection with the endangerment or demolition of houses. Just to mention a few examples, the public opinion interested in architecture was stirred up in connection with the […]

Adaptive Traditions

Contemporary regional architecture in Szeklerland Text: Enikő Sarolta Rab At present, regional architecture in Szeklerland (the Land of the Székely minority) is about adaptation to the local natural and built environment and relative proportionality with the fabric of the village, revealing strong ties to the centuries-old tradition of timber architecture. In the 21st century, there […]

Old Testament, New Architecture

Judaic-Jewish roots of modernism, 1848–2000 Text and Photos: Rudolf Klein This paper discusses the impact of the aniconic Biblical tradition on modern architecture; modernism’s departure from the traditional Greco-Christian cultural paradigm, i. e. abolishing the buildings’ representation of tectonics (columns, capitals, architraves, etc.); cancelling the basics of Aristotle’s aesthetics and banning figurative decoration on surfaces. […]

The Potentials of 3P and 4P in Hungarian Housing Development

Text: Julianna Szabó PhD In 2018, a comprehensive professional consortium managed by the Municipality of Zugló won funding from Urban Innovative Actions. The project titled “More than Housing” was targeted to build a social tenement house that, in addition to affordability, promised an exceptionally sustainable ethos and technical solutions in Hungary, and, as a social […]

Architecture in War

The situation of built heritage in Ukraine Text: Eszter Götz How should a country protect its architectural heritage during wartime? From Palmyra to Timbuktu, the question has been raised tragically many times – and it arises again in connection with the war in Ukraine. In June 2022, the Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and […]