Frames of Color – The Emergence of the Polychromatic City

Lechner in Paris

Text: Barry Bergdoll

Henri Labrouste: Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, 1854-75 © Georges Fessy, MOMA

Ödön Lechner’s highly original corpus of work in the 1890s and opening years of the twentieth century is so associated with the notion …

Ödön Lechner, the Architect of the Modernization Period

National Style in Europe

Text: Ilona Sármány-Parsons

Antonín Wiehl: Building in Park Street, Prague, 1882

The attempts made by Ödön Lechner to create a genuinely Hungarian architectural style has been the topic of heated theoretical debates for over a …

The Generation of Vagabonds

Organic Architecture Today

Text: László Kuli

Gábor U. Nagy: Táncpajta, Őriszentpéter

After the death of Imre Makovecz, it seemed necessary to survey and assess to what extent his oeuvre influenced contemporary Hungarian architecture, where his influence is traceable, and …

Architecture in the Hagenbund

Pragmatic Modernism – In-Between Avantgarde and Mainstream

Text: Matthias Boeckl

Joseph Urban: Zedlitzhalle, Vienna, 1901

The „architecture of the Hagenbund” represents a field of activities on the margins of avantgarde and beyond which regularly supplied standard architecture with the …

Hungarians in the Network of Hagenbund in Vienna (1900–1938)

The Charm of the “Other Modernism”

Text: Éva Bajkay

Exhibition interior in the Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Design and photo: Árpád Fákó

The central museum of Austrian art, the Belvedere devoted an exhibition of new perspectives at the end of …