Waiting for a Museum

The Future of the Museum of Architecture

Interview: Eszter Götz

MuseumLiget Competition – 13th Applicant: Philaemon 2003 Kft.,
architects: Zsolt Farsang, Ákos Bolla, István Berkeczi, Levente Molnár G., Viktor Bodnár

So far the Museum of Architecture has existed as …

Architectural Centre or Architectural Museum?

The 20th Anniversary of Architekturzentrum Wien

Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay

Fotó. Hertha Hurnaus

The Architekturzentrum Wien presents its history in a comprehensive publication. Through the 20 years of its existence the institution founded in 1993 has grown into one of …

On the Nature of Post-Critical Architecture

On the Nature of Post-Critical Architecture

Text: Zoltán Bun

Rem Koolhaas (OMA): Euralille, Lille, 1989-1994

The so-called architectural criticality was a subject of theoretical debates at the turn of the millennia, through which participants tried to redefine the confines …

Stone on Stone. Greeting Ferenc Dávid

Greeting Ferenc Dávid on Behalf of his Colleagues in the Protection of Monuments

Text: Pál Lővei

This text is an enlarged and edited version of a ceremonial address delivered on October 3rd, 2013 in FUGA to honour Ferenc Dávid, …

Stone on Stone. On the 73rd Birthday of Ferenc Dávid

Stone on Stone
On the 73rd Birthday of Ferenc Dávid, Vince Kiadó, 2013

Text: Edit Pálinkás

In our collection of essays compiled to honour Ferenc Dávid art historian, we are publishing the results of research work done by 85 …

From Windows to Shopwindows

The mid-19th century appearance of shopwindows in Pest (1847–1860)

Text: Violetta Hidvégi

Riesinger Ferenc portálterve a Váci utcai Nákó-házhoz, 1954 © BFL

Part and whole. A constituent of a building which is still an independent unit in itself. Their …

Practice-based Education

The role of design-build studios offering community services in education

Text: Tibor Tánczos

Architectural Associate: Big Shed, London, 2012

“Design-build studio – New ways in architectural training” was the title of the symposium held in Berlin at the end …

Communication of Globalising Tribes

Trading Style. Weltmode im Dialog – Weltkulturen Museum
Frankfurt am Main, 07. 11. 2012. – 31. 08. 2013

Text: Brigitta Bugya

Man and women with face painting, Dél-Afrika, 1930, and the models of Cassetteplaya, 2011-12, fotó: Alis Pelleschi

The …