Continuity, Complexity and Emergence

What is the real for digital designers?

Text: Antoine Picon

Jean Nouvel: Arab World Institute, Paris, 1987

Reality versus the real – despite their difference, these two words are often confused with one another. Their apparent interchangeability calls for …

Borderlines of Architecture

Parametric Architecture

Text: Bálint Botzheim

Luigi Moretti: Modell of a futball stadium, 1960

Luigi Moretti may have been the very first architect to use the expression „parametric architecture”. In his essays written in the 1940s he focussed on this …

[Fusi]city – Fix Budapest!

The Theory and Practice of System D and Urban Moonlighting

Text: Gergely Hory

System D Academy and the Téreltérítés Workteam. Photo: Gergely Hory

Surviving day by day, grey zones, informal networks and moonlighting. Examining these concepts, projects concerning public …

The Fate of Housing Estates 4

Careful Reflections on Orientation in the 21st Century
Bellvitge, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona agglomeration, Spain, 1964–1970

Text: Melinda Benkő
Photos: Melinda Benkő, Péter Bach

We started publishing a series of articles about European prefab-technology housing estates in MÉ 2014/2. …

Ferenc Lantos and Architecture

In memoriam of the Master

Text: Katalin Keserü

DÉDÁSZ, Pécs, 1971

It was Lajos Kassák who was the exemplary model for Ferenc Lantos for the new world which could be created not only in painting but also via art. …