In memorian Lechner Ödön

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Ödön Lechner Centenary 2014

Ödön Lechner Centenary 2014 Text: György Szegő Ödön Lechner died 100 ago, in the summer of 1914. Although centennial celebrations are supposed to be associated with births, we guess it is quite in style to remember such a significant anniversary of someone’s death as the evaluation of Art Nouveau (Secession) and thus that of „the […]

Teaching While Building

Applying a comunity-based design method systematically during investment processes Text: János Vági Changes affecting our economic environment entail a natural transformation of architectural thinking, including its focus and in many cases its directions. The consequences of this are already evident in architectural design, in architectural theory, education and training, the approach acquired by researchers, as […]

Time Travel

The History of Newly Modern Hungarian Architecture Text: Mariann Simon, Dániel Laczó Photo: Dániel Laczó In the latter half of the 1990s, after the consolidation of the majority of realignments following the change of the political system and the nadir of the economic shock in its wake, Hungarian architects discovered modern architecture for themselves. Public […]

Housing Estate Destiny 3

Seeking Ways and Means in the 21st Century Žirmuna Housing Estate, Vilnius, Lithuania 1962–1969 Text: Melinda Benkő In the 2014/2 issue of MÉ we started a series of articles on prefab housing estates in Europe that were professionally acknowledged at the time of their construction. Following examples in Grenoble and Magdeburg, the third article is […]

Technocrat Landscape Design

The Challenges of a Metabolic City Architectural Biennale, Rotterdam, May 29th–August 24th, 2014 Text: Levente Polyák The basic concept of the International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam (IABR) is that the environmental issues of the whole world are condensed in cities – thus their solutions must also be found there. It means that energetical transitions, climatic […]