Ödön Lechner Centenary 2014

Ödön Lechner Centenary 2014

Text: György Szegő

Postal Savings Bank, photo: József Hajdú

Ödön Lechner died 100 ago, in the summer of 1914. Although centennial celebrations are supposed to be associated with births, we guess it is quite in …

Teaching While Building

Applying a comunity-based design method systematically during investment processes

Text: János Vági

„Hártyafal” installation. Photo: János Vági

Changes affecting our economic environment entail a natural transformation of architectural thinking, including its focus and in many cases its directions. The …

Time Travel

The History of Newly Modern Hungarian Architecture

Text: Mariann Simon, Dániel Laczó
Photo: Dániel Laczó

In the latter half of the 1990s, after the consolidation of the majority of realignments following the change of the political system and the …

Housing Estate Destiny 3

Seeking Ways and Means in the 21st Century
Žirmuna Housing Estate, Vilnius, Lithuania 1962–1969

Text: Melinda Benkő

In the 2014/2 issue of MÉ we started a series of articles on prefab housing estates in Europe that were professionally acknowledged …

Technocrat Landscape Design

The Challenges of a Metabolic City
Architectural Biennale, Rotterdam, May 29th–August 24th, 2014

Text: Levente Polyák

The Urban Metabolism. Photo: Levente Polyák

The basic concept of the International Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam (IABR) is that the environmental issues of …