Light in Space – Space in Light

The Subsequent Revolutions of the Light in Architecture

Text: Sándor Böröcz

October 22nd, 1879, Menlo Park, New Jersey – this day is regarded by many as a milestone in the history of electric lighting, as it was then that …

„Light helps to understan d space”

Interview with Ta más Bányai and Ferenc Haász lighting designers

Apropos of the award titled the Master of Light Krisztina Somogyi has made an interview with the winner of the first year of the award (2015/16), Tamás Bányai, theatre …

Everything Turns into a Screen

Light Architecture and Animation

The article below presents a new area of light architecture, namely animation combined with building lighting. In a brief introduction, it surveys the role of artificial light in architecture, describes media facades, the potentials and …

Balkrishna Doshi

Pritzker Prize 2018

Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: VSF

Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi has continually exhibited the objectives of the Pritzker Architecture Prize to the highest degree. He has been practicing the art of architecture, demonstrating substantial contributions to humanity, …

An Early Modernist Classic 100 – or 55 – Years Later

Otto Wagner’s Oeuvre Exhibition and Catalogue
Municipal Museum, Vienna, 15 March – 7 October 2018

Just 100 years ago, on April 11th, 1918 Otto Wagner, an outstanding figure of fin-de-siècle Viennese and international architecture died. This anniversary was the …

SOS Brutalismus

Az W, Vienna, May 3rd – August 6th 2018

Text: Márta Branczik

The exhibition titled SOS Brutalismus in Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) (see in MÉ volume 2018/1) has moved closer to us after Frankfurt and can be seen now in …

„Facing the Railways”

Contemporary Railways Development Viewed by an Architect

Text: Zoltán Tóth

An important aspect when designing environmentally friendly technologies is the construction of modern networks of transport. Experts have worked out complicated systems to respond to the changes of communal …