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  • An Early Modernist Classic 100 – or 55 – Years Later

    Otto Wagner’s Oeuvre Exhibition and Catalogue
    Municipal Museum, Vienna, 15 March – 7 October 2018

    Just 100 years ago, on April 11th, 1918 Otto Wagner, an outstanding figure of fin-de-siècle Viennese and international architecture died. This anniversary was the occasion to organise his oeuvre exhibition as well as to edit a comprehensive catalogue. The venue of the exhibition is the Municipal Museum in Vienna, as the majority of Wagner’s heritage is treasured there. As of today, we are well over Modernism, the reinterpretation of modernist architecture and historicism, and one can hardly expect yet another rediscovery or turn as deeply running as it happened back in the 1960s in Wagner’s case. However, it is important to present classic architects from time to time so that they can be viewed in their complexity, made to be alive for the public as well as to provide an occasion to survey the present-day results of science and a revise their assessments.