John Pawson: Minimum


Klášter Nový Dvůr, 2004. Photo: Jens Weber

The famous architect makes an attempt to formulate ideas associated with architecture and fine arts using simplicity as a starting point. Beyond that, he also refers to a lifestyle by the …

Utopia and Reality

Megastructures and their designs realized in Hungary

Text: Balázs Gurdon

The three decades between 1960 and 1990 were undoubtedly the period of impressive numbers in the history of urban architecture in Hungary: there have never been so few dwellings …

Post-Modernist Apollon

The Newly-Born Movie Theatre of Fórum, Salgótarján

Text: Vilmos Katona

Salgótarján is known as a typical mining town of the 20th century when hard industries flourished. The town was ranked as the centre of the county in 1950, only …

Human Scale

Text: Imre Körmendy – Orsolya Zsovák

Villefranche du Conflent. Photo: Judit G. Korompay

Having a look at the 20th century and our age, we realize we are living our lives fascinated by large scales and dimensions. Totalitarian societies have …

Possible Ways to Solve Climate Paradox

Text: László Antal Z.

As a rule, a few decades are only a brief period in the lives of societies. It shall be our task later on to analyse the success or failure of the relationship between climate change …