John Pawson: Minimum

Preface The famous architect makes an attempt to formulate ideas associated with architecture and fine arts using simplicity as a starting point. Beyond that, he also refers to a lifestyle by the concept of simplicity interpreting it as a device for formulating and grasping everyday rituals and the most elementary existential needs. He also makes […]

Utopia and Reality

Megastructures and their designs realized in Hungary Text: Balázs Gurdon The three decades between 1960 and 1990 were undoubtedly the period of impressive numbers in the history of urban architecture in Hungary: there have never been so few dwellings built during 30 years in this country before or even since then. The pressure to construct […]

Post-Modernist Apollon

The Newly-Born Movie Theatre of Fórum, Salgótarján Text: Vilmos Katona Salgótarján is known as a typical mining town of the 20th century when hard industries flourished. The town was ranked as the centre of the county in 1950, only 28 years after it was given a town status. The local management approved of the scheme […]

Human Scale

Text: Imre Körmendy – Orsolya Zsovák Having a look at the 20th century and our age, we realize we are living our lives fascinated by large scales and dimensions. Totalitarian societies have been trying to solve every problem within a comprehensive social framework with the result that institutions and the buildings meant to serve them […]

Possible Ways to Solve Climate Paradox

Text: László Antal Z. As a rule, a few decades are only a brief period in the lives of societies. It shall be our task later on to analyse the success or failure of the relationship between climate change and the ability of societies to adjust to these changing conditions characteristic in the late 20th […]