The Poetry of Walking in Urbanism Text: Tamás Meggyesi There are a couple of natural symbols of basic significance that tend to re-occur in the worldview of every single culture. Such examples are the motifs of the sun, the hill, watr, the tree or the road. The special role of the symbols is especially manifested […]


Tranquillity in Contemporary Sacred Architecture Text: István Schneller Sacred buildings erected nowadays cannot be compared to the former cathedrals which are landmarks of towns and cities as well as top achievements of their own age. The most prestigious tasks of architecture today are skyscrapers, office blocks, concert and exhibition halls, museums and hotels, which significantly […]


Carlo Scarpa (1906–1978) a Decade after the Centennary Text: Péter Klaniczay A three-day programme of celebrating the centennary of Carlo Scarpa’s birth started on June 2nd, 2006. The venues are mainly in the province of Veneto in Italy. On this occasion almost the whole of the country joins the commemorations, including towns, institutions and private […]

Housing Estates in Towns

Bökényalj in Csongrád Text: Regina Balla Located in the Great Hungarian Plain, Csongrád has a population of 16 564 people and covers an area of 174 square kilometres. More than one fourth of its towndwellers live on the housing estate named Bökényalj which was built back in the 1970s. The ambitions of local urban development […]

Picture Postcard from Modra

Provincial regions in the 21st century Text: Julianna Szabó In May 2016 lecturers and students of REA (Réseau des Écoles d’Architecture de la France et d’Europe Centrale et Orientale) have gathered for the 20th time to make a tour of a burning issue of architecture and urban development. The hosting faculty of architecture in Bratislava […]

Searching for Tools

Architectural Sustainability in Practice and Theory Text: Bence Török Tutor: György Major DLA One of the greatest challenges in our age is an efficient protection of our environment and a responsible way of thinking about our future. A change of attitude is necessary in order to manifest the concept of sustainability in every field of […]

Adobe Workshop

How to approach adobe as a building material in a scientific way? Text: Ádám Bihari The Adobe Workshop was targeted to present the workings of the raw material based on its objective qualities and faculties as a building material, as well as surveying the variety of components and structures made from it and the potentials […]