Silence as a Concept of Architectural Space

Contemplative Spaces in Church Architecture Today II

Text: Vilmos Katona

The essay is the second and ending part of an extended study based on the presentation of Vilmos Katona at the 9th Conference of Sacred Architecture and Interior Design …

Continuous Present

On the 50th Anniversary of the Hungarian Society of Urbanistics

Text: Imre Körmendy

Tibor Farkas: Regional development plan of Balaton, 1964

The Hungarian Society of Urbanistics (MUT) was founded fifty years ago. Throughout its history, it has always been …

Henszlmann Imre Prize 2015

Salutation to Hap Galéria and Barnabás Winkler

The Hungarian Association of Archeology and Art History launched the award named after Imre Heinszlmann in 1989 to recognize achievements of individuals and institutions supporting the case of archeology, art history, applied …

Roundabout Nyárád

Conference on the Cross-Border Protection of Historic Buildings, Organized by the Teleki Foundation, 2016

Text and photos: Gábor Nagy

As a rule now every May the Teleki Foundation held its local conference on the cross-border protection of historic buildings …

Socialist Modernism in Serbia

The architectural image of titoism

Text: Éva Lovra

The official art of Yugoslavia in the latter half of the 20th century blended the neutral quality of late-Modernism reaching far beyond politics with a strong ideology of power which was …

Action-like Architectural Interventions

Anylisis of raumlaborberlin Pneumatic Projects

Text: Gergely Hory

The primary goal of this study is to analyse the construction strategies and structural solutions of contemporary and temporary action-like architectural interventions typically implemented in public places as well as to …