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Peter Halley: Heterotopia

L’accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia, Vlence, 05. 07. – 08. 10. Text: Botzheim Bálint Photos: Szegő Hanna, pressphotos Abstract During the time of the fine arts biennale Venice turns into a genuine store of art pieces. All over the town exhibitions welcome visitors, and many visitors take advantage of this period to join the flow of […]

Aquincum Sequences

Text: Gyula Zeke Photos: Gergely Oláh Built along the Danube bank, a city and military camp of the province Pannonia which was part of the Roman Empire has left behind numerous relics in today’s area of Budapest. The civilian settlement and the military base featured baths, theatres, aqueducts, which together with the water organ found […]

Smart Cities

A new challenge for design Text: Antoine Picon Even though it may sound like a commonplace, we have arrived at yet another milestone which marks a new border within the digital age: it is the concept of smart cities, and in their wake, that of smart states apropos of which architecture (and within the framework […]

Utopia and Reality

Megastructures and their designs realized in Hungary Text: Balázs Gurdon The three decades between 1960 and 1990 were undoubtedly the period of impressive numbers in the history of urban architecture in Hungary: there have never been so few dwellings built during 30 years in this country before or even since then. The pressure to construct […]