The Architectural History of Budapest-Vizafogó St Martin of Tours Parish Church Text: Tamás Berecz The completed building as a tactile achievement pushes into the background the processes and circumstances that as a result may fade into oblivion. The birth of the building has been documented in details nad getting to know all these information largely […]

The Transformation of Materials in Architecture

International Architects Conference 2018 Text: Bálint Botzheim This year’s conference was hosted by the recently inaugurated building of Közszolgálati University organised by Artifex Publishing Co. and AHA (Association of Hungarian Architects). Ákos Moravánszky was invited to act as chairman who also selected the lectures included in the programme. This year’s topic was The Transformation of […]

Creative Expertise

IDEA Conference 2018 Kecskemét, 8-9 March 2018 Text: Raymond Bükkösi The name IDEA chosen for the conference held in Kecskemét is a true reflection of the spirituality and the values it has chosen. The key words to be taken into consideration are the ones making up the letters of the abbreviation (Innovation, Design, Engineering, Architecture) […]

Move the Roof Higher Up

10th Budapest Architecture Films Days Toldi Cinema, Budapest, 8-11 March 2018 Text: Eszter Götz Photos: KÉK The Contemporary Architecture Centre hosts the Architecture Film Days for the tenth time this April with an ever widening audience year by year. The programme offers lessons proving useful lessons and food for thought from several aspects. The number […]

Measurable Quality

An Interview with Béla Berke, Swiss Architect Text: Ildikó Pém (BORD Architectural Studio) Béla Berke, a theoretician architect, whose life and works are basically defined by his sense of responsibility to society, has excellent achievements as the former chairman of Baubioswiss and the founder of ÖQ qualification system in making the impact of human beings […]

Modernization and Tradition in the Himalayas

The Renewal of Ladakh Text: Borbála Bagi Photos: Borbála Bagi, Szilvia Ódry Ladakh is one of the last regions where traditional Tibetan culture and architecture has been preserved in its original form. A common opinion is that this is where ancient Tibetan civilization genuinely survived, and fostering religious traditions is also stronger here than in […]

Enigma 92 – Correspondence of Károly Kós and Aurél Papp

Journal Presentation and Discussion Association of Hungarian Architects, 20 March 2018 Text: György Szegő Launched 25 years ago, Enigma is a journal specialized in art theory. Its issue No. 92 presents the correspondence between Károly Kós (1883–1977) architect, writer, graphic artist, cultural organiser with Aurél Papp (Aurel Popp 1879–1960) painter and sculptor, culture politician, thanks […]

Mater of the City Demons

In memoriam sculptor István Gellér B. (1946–2018) Text: György Szegő István Gellér B. was an artist building inward. He elevated the process of understanding his family trauma, the historic topic and contemporary fine arts into high-brow art despite a hostile indifference. He organically blended the findings of his imaginary archeological excavations and fictional research – […]