KÖZTI 66 / 42+24

The history of an architectural design company

Text: György Szegő
Photos: Fortepan

The 2 volumes present the periods of a Hungarian architectural design company standing from 1949 up to the present days. Középülettervező Vállalat (KÖZTI, Public Building Design Company) …

On the way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Jewish Cemetery, Salgótarjáni Street, Budapest

Text and photos: Rudolf Klein

The Salgótarjáni Israelite Cemetery is bordered by the national cemetery along Fiumei Road, which in fact is also an urban reference to its significance within the history of …

Smart Cities

A new challenge for design

Text: Antoine Picon

Even though it may sound like a commonplace, we have arrived at yet another milestone which marks a new border within the digital age: it is the concept of smart cities, …

„There is no B plan as there is no B planet”

A prelude to the climate peak in Paris

Text: Eszter Götz

Paris hosts COP 21, the 21st Climate Conference of the UN between November 30th and December 11th. The meeting concerning a total of 195 countries ambitions to have …

City of the Future

Budapest 2050

Text: György Alföldi

Józsefváros, Budapest, 2004, Source: Municipality of Józsefvárosi

In my essay I am trying to anticipate what Budapest is going to be like in 2050, how life going on in the capital city influences and …