The Natural Boundaries of Construction

Hungary has Grown out of Biocapacity

Text: László Antal Z.

Forrás: KSH

Modernist societies have established a new kind of relationship with nature which gave them the chance to go beyond the boundaries of nature. One of the consequences …

Integrated Sustainability

State of the World 2013

Text: Edit Pálinkás

Every day, we are presented with a range of “sustainable” products and activities – from “green” cleaning suppl ies to carbon offsets—but with so much labeled as “sustainable,” the term has …

Phases of Careful Reflection Phases in the 21st century

The Destiny of a Housing Estate 1. La Villeneuve, Grenoble

Text: Melinda Benkő

One of the prioritized topics of urban rehabilitation of the European Union is the housing estate. In Western Europe about 8-10% of the housing stock, whilst …

Cities Revis(it)ed

The Rediscovery of the City

Text: Kissfazekas Kornélia

This writing is about a university programme. An experiment applying a wider variety of tools for getting to know the cities. It was meant to co-ordinate the approaches of groups (local …

Hungarian Socialist Realism Going on its Own Way

An Invisible Story

Text: Ádám Sylvester

Tolna, Cultural Centre, 1952, architect: Béla Pintér

Between the two world wars, Hungarian architecture managed to keep pace with international trends. It was a powerful presence in the world, in the background of …

Instead of the Soviet Style Dictatory

R Building, Campus, University of Technology

Text: Erzsébet Urbán

After extensive damage caused by World War II, the main goal was to restore the basic infrastructure and residential buildings, besides clearing and removing debris. In close association with the …

The University of Technology and Economics

The Historical Campus, Budapest, 2013

Text: Ibolya Csengel-Plank

Sponsored primarily by the Pro Progressio Foundation, this bilingual publication was published by the Budapest University of Technology during the first weeks of 2014. It is a genuinely stop-gap title, as …