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  • The University of Technology and Economics

    The Historical Campus, Budapest, 2013

    Text: Ibolya Csengel-Plank


    Sponsored primarily by the Pro Progressio Foundation, this bilingual publication was published by the Budapest University of Technology during the first weeks of 2014. It is a genuinely stop-gap title, as it is the very first comprehensive and representative survey of the higher educational institute specialised in technology, technical sciences and architecture from the aspect of architectural history.
    Originally comprising nine buildings in total, the Campus of the Budapest University of Technology was between 1902 and 1909 to designs by Győző Czigler, Alajos Hauszmann and Samu Pecz. The institution preceding the University was the Institutum Geometricum (specialised in engineering training) founded by Joseph II in 1782 which started training 12 years earlier than a similar training centre in Paris.