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2023/1 Téma rovat

Global City Pergola

Athletic Stadium, Budapest Text: György Szegő Architects: Marcel Ferencz, György Détári Photos: György Palkó The development of the National Athletics Centre is to connect the northern and southern areas of the entire Pest quay for thosa walking, travelling by bicycle (and by the river using the harbour). The three-level facility is located in the heart […]

2023/1 Téma rovat

The Magic of Continuity

Budapest ONE Office Building, Budapest Architects: Gergely Paulinyi, András Reith, István Vámossy Text: Anett Mizsei Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The parametric ring designed by Paulinyi&Partners has become an iconic building forming part of the skyline of Kelenföld. The sculpturesque volume appears as a landmark within the urban fabric, which does not impose itself on its surroundings […]

2023/1 Téma rovat

Valuable Renewal

Kozmo Hotel and Zoya Apartment Hotel, Budapest Architects: Gergely Draskóczy, Gabriella Mészáros Text: Mária Tatai Photos: Zsolt Batár Horváth Mihály Square, near József Boulevard, is one of the most important squares in district VIII of Pest. Although it is bisected by the busy Baross Street, the more than 200-year-old St. Joseph’s Church lends it a […]

2023/1 Téma rovat


Kós Károly Vocational School, Érd Architects: Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Balázs Danyi Over the past 50 years, the city of Érd has developed by leaps and bounds. While in 1970 the settlement was a village, in 1979 it was rated as a town. The renovation of the buildings housing Károly Kós […]


2023/1 Post Scriptum Post Scriptum Utóirat 2023/1

120 Years of the Hungarian Architecture Magazine

This year we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first publication of Magyar Építőművészet, the Hungarian architectural journal. This is the jubilee edition of Utóirat (Post Scriptum), which is the supplementary publication of the periodical. We have compiled a retrospective selection of articles from the issues of 22 years of the supplement to celebrate the […]

Featured Post Scriptum

The principles of Lutheran church architecture and an example from Kőszeg

Text by Dr. Zoltán Lőrincz The study seeks to answer the question that about 80 percent of the 138 Reformed churches built after the political change (1989/90) show a strong historicism. The Reformed believe that the church is not a holy place, yet in practice they make it so, making it a “house of God”. […]

Architect Featured Post Scriptum

The Oeuvre of architect György Csete

This time, the Postscript column focuses on a single topic: the works of architect György Csete. The papers were presented at the conference organised by the Hungarian Academy of Arts (Magyar Művészeti Akadémia) on 29-30th November 2022 titled „On the Tulip Trees’ Tower” – Conference on the works of György Csete, architect and Ildikó Csete, […]

Architect Featured Post Scriptum Post Scriptum

A Common Oeuvre: Ildikó Csete and György Csete

Text by Katalin Keserü Dr art historian, professor emeritus The presentation summarises what and how we know about Ildikó Csete, textile artist, and György Csete architect, dividing their oeuvres into periods, thematising the periods according to common traits, examining the affinity of ars poetics between the different materials of architecture and textile art, techniques and […]


2023/1 Terv rovat

László Nagy Memorial House Extension Plan, Iszkáz

Text: Csaba Kovács, Gábor Nagy Plans: MOME Építészeti Intézet Mentors: Csaba Kovács, Gergely Barcza The memorial house of the poet László Nagy in Iszkáz was brought to the attention of the MOME Institute of Architecture by Gábor Nagy, architectural historian and expert on historical monuments. Students of the 3rd grade of the BA in 2022 […]

2022/6 Terv rovat

Biological Research and Education Center, Lipót

MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2022 Concept and text: Sára Borbála Bodó , BME Explirative Architecture Department Consultant: Gábor Fábián The location of the diploma project is Lipót, a small village of 716 people in Szigetköz. The planned building is located directly on the shore of the crescent-shaped lake, thus forming a kind of boundary between the […]

2022/5 Terv rovat

A Strong Castle

Early Development Centre for Children with Autism MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2022 Concept: Eszter Vörös Grigoriu , BME Tutor: Levente Szabó DLA The design, which was awarded the Diploma Prize 2022, meant to find an answer to the question which environmental characteristics are best suited to children with autism. What kind of architecture suites people with […]

2022/4 Terv rovat

Regenerative Agriculture Workshop

Diploma Thesis, Budapest Technical University, 2022 Concept: Fanni Monostori Consultant: Balázs Kemes DLA The plan reflects on the causes of the existing climatic conditions, especially on the severity of the damage caused by the agricultural sector. A case study examining the agricultural system of rural Hungary offers an alternative solution to the traditional agricultural system […]

Kreatív városok

2019/6 Kreatív városok

Radical transformation

Developing the centre of a settlement, Gyermely Architects: Péter Gereben, Balázs Marián Text: Szilvia Molnár Photos: Balázs Danyi Having in-depth knowledge of the structure of the village Gyermely, the team named Gereben Marián Architects managed by Balázs Marián DLA and Péter Gereben found themselves a challenge here at the end of the 2000s. As a […]

2019/6 Kreatív városok

Oxford in the foothills of the Alps

Facelifted Benedictine Convent House, Kőszeg Architect: Robert Gutowski Text: Dr. Ferenc Miszlivetz Photos: Tibor Ohr An eventful year started in 2014 when ISES Foundation was commissioned by the Prime Minister’s office to work out a study on viability with the aim to save the architectural heritage of Kőszeg almost on the brink of complete deterioration […]

2019/5 Kreatív városok

The Place Where…

Intimacy, creativity, flow Text: Tamás Fejérdy, Ferenc Miszlivetz, Laura Takács Architectural spaces do not tend to be utility calculations in the case of historic towns, as they are born based on human needs, well-established and fixed habits, the respect of old times, the gripping effect of the view, that is natural, cultural and aesthetic codes. […]

2019/5 Kreatív városok

Treating Landscape Injuries with Art

Volcanoes Park, Zalahaláp Sculptors: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi Text: Balázs Szász Photos: Rhea Marmentini, Zoltán Balanyi Born in a family of doctors and artists, Chilean-Hungarian sculptor Rhea Marmentini started to realize one of her long-time dream at the meeting point of Mediterranean and continental climates: to reconstruct a wound on the landscape of Haláp Hill, […]