Cubic Fates

The reinterpretation of Hungary’s cubic houses building stock

Text and illustration: Tünde Krisztina Tóth

From the mid-20th century on, cubic houses mushroomed with an unstoppable speed, which deeply hit the history of Hungarian housing development. The overwhelming majority of …

Where is the Architecture of the Future Born?

10+1 questions on the Solar Decathlon

Text: István Csúsz (KOEB)
Photos: Képkocka / Gergő Potyondi

Solar Decathlon is a series of contests with 10 challenges for university students ambitioning to popularize sustainable architecture and experiments to find new solutions. …

Commemorating Jenő Rimanóczy

Text: András Ferkai

Yet another outstanding representative of the great old generation has left us behind. Jenő Rimanóczy, an architect awarded Ybl Prize passed away on June 29th. Starting his career after 1956, he was a member of the …

The Meaning in Architecture

How do man-made spaces address us?

Text: Zsófia Francsicsné Szántay

In the context of architecture, the concepts of meaning, interpretation, reading, as well as adjectives like signifying, iconic, symbolic and emblematic often appear as references to buildings and their …

Architectural Atmosperes

Text: Szilárd Suba-Faluvégi

What makes the difference between two buildings with regard to quality? What is high-standard architecture like? Why do we like being in one building, whilst we find another unbearable? These are common questions when we think …