Healing Architecture

17th International Congress of Architects, March 6th

Text: Orsolya Ware-Nagy

Approximately 900 architects assembled on the large-scale event of professionals on March 6th 2020 in the conference hall of Puskás Aréna, Budapest. This year’s call – „Ép-ítés, Gyógyító építészet”, which …

Our Churches and Visuality

Sacred Spaces Conference, February 13th

Text: Balázs Feledy

The Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Artists organised a symposium acconmpanied by an exhibition in February 2020. The exhibition was visited by fine artists in general, and lectures were delivered …

Let them also Feel…

Four films shown on the 12th Architectural Films Day

Text: Mária Tatai
Photos: KÉK

This March it is the 12th time that the Centre of Contemporary Architecture organized the Budapest Architectural Film Days titled Feelings the organizers of which …

Architects in Home Office

Text: Fanni Izabella Magyaróvári

Owing to the very nature of their profession, architects genereally tend to take some work home, which has both advantages and disadvantages. We are hereby presenting some architects and applied artists who worked (also) from …

Exploring the Map

Éva Lovra: Cities in The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Urban Fabric and City Typology 1867-1918

Text: Tamás Meggyesi

Maps are not only means of orientation, but also representations of our spatial awareness; this is one of the reasons why many architects …

A Budapest Citizen in Vienna

Ilona Sármány-Parsons: Art Life in Vienna during the Reign of Franz Joseph as viewed by Lajos Hevesi

Text: György Szegő

The author, Ilona Sármány-Parsons is a widely recognized expert of the history of painting in the era of the …


COVID-19’s Impact on Hospital Designs

Text: Zoltán Schrammel

„The world is sick”, this is what Le Corbusier wrote briefly in 1967 when forming his views on urban design. The eternal truth of this statement would be difficult to refute …

The Flower of Survival

The Homo Sapiens and the Big Issue

Text: András Nagy

In the wake of Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, the article below surveys the global crises and the situations ensuing in the early 21st century, including consecutive global revolutions in …