Chapels for the „Other Hungary”

Sajóhídvég, Kesznyéten, Mátramindszent

Architect: Ágnes Kovács
Text: Miklós Sulyok
Photos: István Zoltán Kovács, Miklós Sulyok

Szent Erzsébet képolna és Cigány Missziós Központ, Kesznyéten

Ágnes Kovács has designed three chapels in the past eight years in the North-East of Hungary: …

Chair-Twister – New Researches Concerning Space

The Performance of képzetTtársítás Group, Miskolc, 2012. 12.13.

Text: Ernő Miskolczi
Photo: István Kiss Tanne

The free Gesamtkunstwerk company named képzetTtársítás („association”) is a kind of experimental team: it has been organized around the resonances of experiencing space and …

Downtown Function-Hunting

Facelifting of Public Places and Changes of Ground-Floor Functions in Downtown Pest

Text: Tibor Germán, Zsolt Szendrei

Kossuth Lajos Street, Budapest

In cities the size of Budapest, the issues of sustainability tend to be on the agenda more and …

Teach with Gentle Words, Letting Them Play…

Apropos of a Poem, On Architects’ Training in Győr and Freedom

Text: Anna Zöldi
Photos: Ákos Czigány, Tamás Czigány, András Cseh, Péter Krompáczki, Balázs Tóth

Professionals elaborating architects’ training in Győr – Attila Bodrossy, Tamás Czigány and members of …

Reconstructing the Past Future

Cosmic Building Photographs by Frédéric Chaubin

Text: Levente Polyák

Druskininkai Szanatórium, Litvánia, photo: Frédéric Chaubin

After the downfall of the Berlin Wall an inspiring field of research was offered to a whole generation of post-socialist landscape artists. While looking …

Unknown Stories

Soviet Modernism, 1955-1991, Az W 08. 11. 2012 – 25. 02. 2013

Text: Katharina Ritter, Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair, Alexandra Wachter

Holocaust Monument, Kaunas, Lithuania, 1983

In the Vienna-based Architekturzentrum the exhibition open till February was the very first attempt to …

The Means of Reconciliation

Integrated Heritage Protection in the Balkan Region

Text: Barbara Fogarasi

St. George, Sztaro Nagoricsane, Macedonia

The nationalist ideology of the Yugoslavian war did not only require human lives but also the destruction of buildings home to ethnic groups or …

The Silent Power

Born 100 Years Ago: Jenő Szendrői Architect (1913-2000)

Text: Antal Lázár

Jenő Szendrői: Metal Research Center, Budapest, 1950-51

He was best characterized in terms of peace and quiet, being untalkative, determined and radiating power. When it came to architectural …

President’s Report

President’s Report
Association of Hungarian Architects
07. 05. 2012 – 06. 05. 2013

László György Sáros DLA, President of the Association of Hungarian Architects

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