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  • The Silent Power

    Born 100 Years Ago: Jenő Szendrői Architect (1913-2000)

    Text: Antal Lázár

    Jenő Szendrői: Metal Research Center, Budapest, 1950-51

    He was best characterized in terms of peace and quiet, being untalkative, determined and radiating power. When it came to architectural forums or diploma sessions he was the one uttering his opinion and phrasing his ideas economically, limiting to a few words but expressing them unambiguously and irrefutably by others. He was never in search of opportunities to take part in harsány public performance: instead, he had always been open to a quiet discussion about the past and the present. He openly talked about the architects’ profession, their achievements and failures as well. His character formed an integral part of the history of Hungarian architecture in the latter half of the 20th century. No monography has been published yet on his life and career analyzing his entire ouevre. However, a large number of memoirs, articles, exhibitions and films honour and document his works. Between 1951 and 1954 he was the senior architect of IPARTERV, from 1954 to 1957 the manager, from 1957 on the senior architect once again, his activities as a designer architect and manager earned him Ybl Prize in 1955. Under his leadership and owing to his co-operation with his fellow architects, IPARTERV had grown into the internationally famed centre of industrial building designing and in situ prefabrication in Hungary, and thus it was awarded the August Perret Prize of the UIA in 1961.