A World Interwoven with Networks

Barabásilab: Hidden patterns. The language of network thinking Text: Bálint Botzheim An exhibition presenting the research of BarabásiLab for the last 25 years can be seen in the Ludwig Museum. This is the first exhibition in Hungary for BarabásiLab, but they have been present in the international art scene since 2011.

Surviving Utopies

Text: Balázs Rose The Valparaíso School, as it became known, acquired an international reputation for its radical stance and its commitment to dialogue between architects and other disciplines. Since 1970 the Valparaíso School has focused much of its research and design activity on the Open City (Ciudad Abierta) project, created by a group of architects, […]

From the Modernism of Miskolc to New York

Viktor Bőhm’s Architecture Text: Éva Lovra An ongoing research project is focussing on finding out the details and career of Viktor Bőhm, Modernist architect and theoretician (Victor Bohm, Miskolc, 1900 – Rockaway, New Jersey(?), 1981). This study is the introduction to the research work, and summarizes in outlines all the milestones of his career from […]

In Praise of the Appropriate Dimensions of a City

The Dialogue Between the Prince, the Architect and the Philosopher Text: Ferenc Hörcher The discourse tells us the legend of ever growing cities. But are small and medum-size towns sentenced actually to death by development which is supposed to be determined historically? In the article below I am trying to phrase the praise of small […]

The Past Year of the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and Monument Protection Documentation Centre

Text: Kornél Almássy Recently, the Hungarian Government has declared the architectural development of the future site of the Hungarian Museum of Architecture and the Monument Protection Documentation Centre to be an investment of special public interest. This is a big enough change compared to the fact that many people have previously talked about a barely […]

„…so that an exhibition could be organized based on the committee’s stock of drawings and photographs.”

A selection of the early sources in the collection of MÉM-MDK on protected buildings and monuments   Text: Zsófia Kádár, Gergely Kovács After almost 50 years, the collection of the office for protected buildings had to be moved out from No, 1. Táncsics Mihály Street, which was rebuilt in 1971 to function as the headquarters […]

Vírus and Development of Economy

Annual Conference of the Hungarian Urbanistics Society, 2020   Text: Zsófia Szarka, Julianna Szabó The 26th national annual conference of the Hungarian Urbanistics Society was held online in the middle of November. The first two days were opened with lectures on the current pandemic situation, firstly by Roger Keil, professor of the Toronto York University, […]

Garden Design and Literature

A Volume of Book and Conferences, October 2020 Text: Ágnes Herczeg The workshops are organised with regard to the issues of garden and landscape design that we find interesting and remarkable. The series of events held in FUGA were organised by the Historical Gardens section of ICOMOS MNB and the Garden Design and Art Institute […]

The Disquieted Muses

Historic exhibition instead of Venice Biennale La Biennale di Venezia, to mark the 125th anniversary of its foundation, presents Le muse inquiete (The Disquieted Muses). When La Biennale di Venezia Meets History, an exhibition by the Historical Archives of Contemporary Arts – ASAC, held in the Central Pavilion of the Giardini della Biennale from August […]