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  • From the Modernism of Miskolc to New York

    Viktor Bőhm’s Architecture

    Text: Éva Lovra

    An ongoing research project is focussing on finding out the details and career of Viktor Bőhm, Modernist architect and theoretician (Victor Bohm, Miskolc, 1900 – Rockaway, New Jersey(?), 1981). This study is the introduction to the research work, and summarizes in outlines all the milestones of his career from his birthplace, Miskolc to New Jersey. Whilst details of his activities in Miskolc and in the USA are yet to be explored, the main stages of his life can be restored based on contemporary articles published in newspapers, and primary sources from archives. The goal of this research is to sum up and analyze the influence of his works in the field of architectural theory and history, as he was a widely recognized architect and theoretician in the USA who held awards and was chosen as an honorary professor in 1970 who has a prestigious position in both local and global architectural history.