5 minutes each day

FUGA Microcosmos Text: Mária Tatai FUGA (Budapest Architecture Centre) is a spiritual-intellectual centre functioning since 2009 as a culture island open to a variety of genres. Since the outbreak of the pandemic this venue could only function in a limited way, but still managed to create a virtual programme updated on a daily basis: 5-10 […]

East, West

Spaces of Intensity. 3h architects, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel Text: Eszter Götz At the end of 2020, a volume on the work of the 3h architectural firm was published by the Swiss publisher Birkhauser. The previous sentence seems self-evident, although it is quite an exceptional thing, as the works of contemporary Hungarian architects have not aroused […]

Research into the Correlations of the Cosmos and Humans in Provincial Hungary

Case Study of Nyim, a Tiny Village Text and photos: László Francsics The objective of this study is an in-depth understanding of the correlations of humans and their environment, to survey their construction and decomposition in the context of the countryside in Hungary via a case study of Nyim, a tiny village. This analysis highlights […]

A Temporary Altar for the Eternal

Conversation with architect Tibor Vákár about the 1938 tender for a eucharistic altar Text: György Szücs The 34th Eucharistic Congress took place in Budapest on May 25th-28th, 1938 as the Eucharist Festival of international Catholicism. At the end of 1936 the approval of Pope Pius XI was published in which the Pope designated the Hungarian […]

„Life here gives you joy…”

Reconstruction of Sonnenberg House on Civilian Initiative Text: Eszter Baldavári As of today, it is a curiosity to see a residential community which votes for a high-standard reconstruction of a historic building, as it is a lot more costly, and requires more complex preparations and execution as well. What is actually a reliable sign of […]

Designed for Change

Family House, Brennbergbánya Text: Partizan Architecture (Gergely Hory, Zoltán Major, Péter Müllner) Photos: Balázs Danyi At the beginning of 2020, a family of six members have taken possession of their home designed by PRTZN architects in Brennbergbánya. The house was a result of a long-term process of thinking, as the clients, a couple contacted the […]

Steps for Community

The role of the SEED method in the process of communal architecture Text: Zsolt Péteri During public interest design projects the architect as an activist cooperates with minor communities to improve their man-made environment and thus their living standards. An example worth learning more about the method of public interest design is the SEED (Social […]