Mies van der Rohe

The New National Gallery and Old Museum in Berlin

Text: Hannes Böhringer
Hungarian translation: J. A. Tillmann

The following study compares the building of the new National Gallery in Berlin, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1968, with …


Text: Ákos Moravánszky

Architecture starts with the making of a horizontal plane. The archetypical ancient hut was the next step, having a fireplace on this horizontal surface as well as defending, covering and surrounding it. According to Gottfried Semper …

A Vertical World

New Faces of Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade

Text: Éva Lovra

Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade are ambitious capitals that are on the way or ambition to become metropolises the dynamics of development of which tends to halt at a certain …


Innovative Architectural Solutions of Contemporary Urban Communal Residential Buildings

Text: Julianna Szabó, Annamária Babos
Photos: Julianna Szabó

Co-housing developments all over the world may be categorized according to various aspects: there are urban and rural communities, new constructions and …