Where Should the Chinese Stand?

International Architects’ Conference, Budapest, March 8th, 2019 „Oriental people in the West, western people in the East”, this is the slogan of this year’s International Architects’ Conference, which defines already in its title the fact that despite the globalization of architectural practices, there still exist these two categories on the level of traditional concepts and […]

Anton Lorenz: From Avantgarde to Industry

Vitra Campus, Schaudepot, 22 February – 19 May 2019 Text: Pál Lővei Developed to be almost integrated with Basel in Switzerland, Weil am Rhein in Germany has been made famous by Vitra Design Museum which joins the events of the international Bauhaus 100 by its exhibition presenting the oeuvre of Anton Lorenz designer and entrepreneur […]

The Birth of a City in the Age of Bauhaus

The White City of Tel-Aviv Text: Melinda Bognár Photos: Bauhaus Center, Tel-Aviv The White City, a famous quarter of Tel-Aviv was created by its designers in the early 1900s after the theories of Bauhaus. As of today, this is the place where the largest number of Bauhaus structures have been preserved on one and the […]

The Site of Crossroads, or which roads leads where?

Paraphrases of a Certain Type of Space Text and photos: Anna Szövényi The evolution of a space is happens in the simplest way possible when two roads meet. This situation, however, may change in several ways later on. The topic of this article is to present three different spaces where two roads met and separated […]