Calculable and Incalculable

Architectural Concept and Representation Text and figures: Melinda Bognár Architectural design is not only defined by the intention of the architect but also by the medium used as means for this process. The tools available define, limit and govern how the designs evolve. There is no idea without a form, which may be a linguistic, […]

Paper Fabrics

Modular Structure Construction fromWaste Paper Text: Márton Nagy, Ágnes Juhász, Bettina Ónodi Architecture, Visual Works is a subject with always changing themes taught at the Faculty of Architecture, BME targeted to gain experience in the process of creation with the aim to develop creativity and design skills, on the whole by getting acquainted with the […]

„The world is a lot more than what architects suppose.”

Balázs Rose’s interview with Rafael Moya Castro Rafael Moya Castro graduated from the Valparaiso School at Faculty of Architecture within the Valparaiso Catholic University in 1996. Later on he started research into the methodology of the school, which was also the topic of his MA thesis. Between 2011 and 2015 he completed his studies at […]

Reconstructing the Meaining

Meggyesi Tamás: Echoes of Silence Text: Péter Szaló dr. Professor architect Tamás Meggyesi is interested in fields reaching far beyond architecture or 20th-century urbanistic thinking as he has been involved in philosophy and research into symbols for a long time now. His new volume contains 13 studies on philosophical topics that reach into the depths […]

The Architect Who Designed 879 Buildings

Sir George Gilbert Scott Was Born 210 Years Ago Text and photos: András Jeney The most famous and most prolific Victorian architect was Gilbert Scott (1811–1878). 36 assistants worked in his office. Scott’s favourite style was the Neo-Gothic, and he was a great fan of Pugin. He was mainly a church architect, his most popular […]

Another New Year, Promising Results

Report on the Past Year of the Hungarian Architecture Museum and Historic Monuments Heritage Documentation Centre Text: Kornél Almássy dr. The Hungarian Architecture Museum and Historic Monuments Heritage Documentation Centre is a unique cultural institution. On the one hand, its primary task is to survey Hungarian and international architectural heritage as a museum, on the […]