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  • The Architect Who Designed 879 Buildings

    Sir George Gilbert Scott Was Born 210 Years Ago

    Text and photos: András Jeney

    The most famous and most prolific Victorian architect was Gilbert Scott (1811–1878). 36 assistants worked in his office. Scott’s favourite style was the Neo-Gothic, and he was a great fan of Pugin. He was mainly a church architect, his most popular works in this genre are the Saint Giles (London), and the All Souls’ (Haley Hill). He also designed several workhouses (the most sumptuous one is in Amersham). Furthermore, he built a lot of monuments, the most popular one is the Albert Memorial (London). There was a big style controversy (Gothic vs. Renaissance) in relation to the British Foreign Office. Here Scott was forced to design an Italian Neo-Renaissance complex. However it is considered one of his best buildings. Nevertheless, Scott could design other public buildings in Neo-Gothic style, for example the Saint Pancras Station and Hotel. Scott did 427 medieval church restorations which earlier were considered barbaric in contrast to the newest researches. He had significant theoretical works too: in the Remarks titled book he glorifies the Neo-Gothicism, and his Recollections titled book is essentially the first architectural autobiography.