Text: János Gerle

Szalagház, helyszínrajz

I would like to especially focus on a unique feature of Zalotay’s architecture. Possessing an extraordinary clarity, sense of purpose and toughness when phrasing the theory of his concept or projects its macrostructure, the …

Modern Architecture and Astrology

Instictiviy and consciousness in Zalotay’s architecture

Text: György Szegő

Zalotay-ház, Ziegelried, Fotó: Lugosi Lugo László

Zalotay’s architecture represents a special type and quality: he is able to draw attention to the cosmic meaning of architecture even without the mythical …

Stroking a House

Text: János Gerle

Zalotay-ház, Ziegelried, Fotó: Nagy Bálint

In 2002 a French broadcasting company shot a film about buildings of certain European countries selected by themselves. Switzerland would have been represented by the house designed by Elemér Zalotay, but …

Object Found between Earth and Sky

Text: Gábor U. Nagy

Szputnyikmegfigyelő állomás, Szombathely, 1968, 1973, Fotó: U. Nagy Gábor

Meeting the local observatory for earth satellites in Szombathely moved me so deeply that I looked up its designs in the archives of Vasiterv. I came …

Zalotay Legends

Text: Péter Mújdricza

Zalotay Elemér: A Margitszigeti Park ellenpólusa, 1995, Reprodukció: Hajdú József

Relying upon Le Corbusier and the arche-socialist Charles Fourier, Zalotay’s argument was so crystallized, clear and simple that it could not be reacted to anyway. Not …

Zalotay 80 – Close and Far Paralels

Enquiries on Architectural Phenomenology

Text: Sándor Sólymos

Szputnyikmegfigyelő-állomás, Szombathely, 1968, 1973

Elemér Zalotay was born on 30th of October, 1932 in Szentes. He graduated from the Budapest Technical University in 1957. In 1962 he presented his concept of the …

A Letter to Elemér Zalotay

Text: Gábor Czeiner

Zalotay Elemér: Gyűrűház, Szombathely, 1968, Reprodukció: Hajdú József

You had already been a famous individual – should I not say, infamous back in those days – behind your back because of the Russian manufactories of prefab …

Necessity as a Program of Architecture

Text: Samu Szemerey

Szalagház, lakóegység, 1960-as évek eleje, reprodukció: Hajdú József

Necessity as a designing programme describes the history of architecture in the modern age as a shadow. The shape and direction of this shadow kept changing with the …