The Post-Communist „Hungarian Cube”

From Official Standard Designs to Subversive Practices

Text: Sándor Hornyik

House, Toponár, photo: Katharina Roters

The mysterious „Hungarian cube” is nothing else than the Kádár cube, that is an almost square shape house with a tent-shape roof and appr. …

In and Out

Ekler’s Contemporariness

Text: János Golda

Dezső Ekler: Szent Ilona Vinery, Somló, 2012, photo: Tamás Bujnovszky

By the 1970s it had become quite clear that the social revolution of classical Modernism and its ethics was vacated for good, designs by …

Think Global, Build Social 2.0

AZ Wien 2014. 03. 12. – 06.30.

Text: Zsuzsa Beliczay Studio, TU Vienna, Peter Fattinger: add on / AIR, köztéri installáció, Bécs, 2005 © Florian Haydn

Subtitled „Architectures for a Better World”, this exhibition is now open to …

The Next Station: Europe

An Underground Line Between Two Continents

Text: Máté Gergő Kovács

A Tünel tervei, forrás: Gavand, 1876

„A dream of 150 years has come true” – this is the proud slogan of TCDD, the Turkish railways company. In 2013 on …

About Regions, Free of Politics, Through the Eyes of a Physicist

Mathematical Research of Neighborhood Structures

Text: Gabriell Máté, Katinka Bakos, Zoltán Néda

It is quite a popular trend nowadays to hierarchically subdivide or regionalize geographical areas. Actually, official borders of states all over Europe tend to lose their significance …

The Architect of the Country

The Oeuvre of József Borsos

Text: Zoltán Rácz

Debrecen, Hajdú-örökösök háza, 1911

The landscaped park of the public cemetery and its unique mortuary in Debrecen was completed in 1932 as a most significant work of its architect, József Borsos: …