A Go-Round about Architecture

Reaching its 100th jubilee, the supplementary theoretical periodical of Hungarian architecture titled Utóirat / Post Scriptum was launched in 2001. As we intended to make this occasion a popular celebration, we addressed prominent professionals of Hungarian architecture and the wider sphere of Hungarian culture and invited them to answer a go-round question to survey their […]

Is Post Scriptum a Postscript?

To the 100th issue of Post Scriptum, the supplementary publication of Hungarian Architecture Text: Rudolf Klein The column of Hungarian Architecture titled Post Scriptum has collected an exciting collection of high-standard articles in the past 17 years that could fill several volumes. With their topics these writings cover areas of architecture in the narrow sense, […]

In Retrospect

A selection of articles from the supplementary Post Scriptum reaching its 100th edition The transformation of the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture in 2001 offered a chance to launch a new, independent theoretical supplement as part of our publication. It was given the title Utóirat / Post Scriptum to show that we felt the urge and […]