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  • Is Post Scriptum a Postscript?

    To the 100th issue of Post Scriptum, the supplementary publication of Hungarian Architecture

    Text: Rudolf Klein

    The column of Hungarian Architecture titled Post Scriptum has collected an exciting collection of high-standard articles in the past 17 years that could fill several volumes. With their topics these writings cover areas of architecture in the narrow sense, as well as several exciting in-between issues that connect architecture with fine arts, urban architecture, the protection of heritage and historic monuments, rehabilitation, archaeology, literature, music, cultural history, politics, ethnography, religion, sociology, psychology, education, complexity theory, ecology, climatology, sustainability, and other special fields of science and technology. Post Scriptum also functions as a virtual selection of essays, although not entirely online. Individual articles arranged according to years and issues, titles, authors, opening images and key words can be found by using a search engine with a tasteful design.