The Missing Link

Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, June 1st-July 8th Text: Anna Zsoldos Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn ©IABR IABR, the architectural biennale organised in Rotterdam was launched in 2001, and this was the 8th time it took place now. During these years the event has evolved its character As a result, it specializes in urban development and urbanistics, focussing on […]

Cabin fever

Hello Wood Camp, Csórompuszta, July 7th-16th, 2018 Text: Anna Zsoldos Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Hello Wood’s project for this summer was a huge and risky task: during the ten days of the camp the team of students worked on building six houses that can be lived in. The programme was referred to as „Cabin Fever”. As […]

Pál Csonka Medal Award 2018

The Association of Hungarian Architects founded a memorial medal to honour Professor Pál Csonka in 1988, which this year was awarded to a tandem of architects, Dénes Patonai DLA prof. emeritus architect and (posthumously) Bence Nagy Ybl prized structural designer on July 9th, 2018. in the headquarters of the organisation at the awards ceremony. This […]

A Go-Round about Architecture

Reaching its 100th jubilee, the supplementary theoretical periodical of Hungarian architecture titled Utóirat / Post Scriptum was launched in 2001. As we intended to make this occasion a popular celebration, we addressed prominent professionals of Hungarian architecture and the wider sphere of Hungarian culture and invited them to answer a go-round question to survey their […]

Is Post Scriptum a Postscript?

To the 100th issue of Post Scriptum, the supplementary publication of Hungarian Architecture Text: Rudolf Klein The column of Hungarian Architecture titled Post Scriptum has collected an exciting collection of high-standard articles in the past 17 years that could fill several volumes. With their topics these writings cover areas of architecture in the narrow sense, […]

In Retrospect

A selection of articles from the supplementary Post Scriptum reaching its 100th edition The transformation of the periodical titled Hungarian Architecture in 2001 offered a chance to launch a new, independent theoretical supplement as part of our publication. It was given the title Utóirat / Post Scriptum to show that we felt the urge and […]

Tattersall 2.0

The Reconstruction of the National Equestrian Centre Architect: Péter Kis, Alfréd Peschka, Ákos Dobrányi Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: Zsolt Batár The fate of the National Equestrian Centre had been uncertain for a long time, up until 2011, when it was rated as a historic building to be protected. The complex now reborn opens up with […]

Tune Up

DVTK soccer stadium, Diósgyőr Architect: Péter Pottyondy Text: Csaba Bodonyi Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky, Balázs Danyi, Róbert Perness The new soccer stadium in Disgyőr by Péter Pottyondy does not follow the typical and familiar ash-tray or jar design showing a positive mass outward and a closed shell inward. It is not repulsive, but attractive welcoming and […]

Flag on the Guard

Ludovika Sports Centre, Budapest Architect: György Skardelli Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Eszter Walton The new sports centre of the Hungarian National Public Service University serves two main types of activities. The first one includes sports that are directly associated with trainings offered by the institute, and these are completed by activities assisting the economic self-sustaining […]

Indicative Mood

New Market Hall and Cultural Events Centre, Újpest Architect: Zoltán Bun Text: Szilvia Molnár Photos: József Hajdú Church, city hall, market place – the centre of a city can hardly do without these classic facilities. They are also independent points of reference that come together to represent the community’s potentials, intentions and conditions. In this […]

Sown seed

Luther Chapel, Pestszentimre Architect: András Krizsán Text: Erzsébet Maczkó Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky In 2007, when the idea to construct the chapel in Pestszentimre was reborn in the Parish church, the members of the congregation started to pray and work for its construction. In a few years’ time, in 2015 the presbytery decided to build the […]

A Stop-Gap Building

The House of Jewish Excellences, Balatonfüred Architect: Péter Sugár Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky In Balatonfüred, more precisely in the district named Ófalu there is an old-new building standing in Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road that reflects rational simplicity. Behind the stone fence there is an archetypal building mass with white plastered walls, a pitched roof with […]