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  • The Missing Link

    Rotterdam Architecture Biennale, June 1st-July 8th

    Text: Anna Zsoldos
    Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn ©IABR

    IABR, the architectural biennale organised in Rotterdam was launched in 2001, and this was the 8th time it took place now. During these years the event has evolved its character As a result, it specializes in urban development and urbanistics, focussing on socially sensitive sustainable architecture. The topics of the individual years emphasized the areas of an environment-conscious construction of the future. This year’s biennale was an exception to the rule, as it had been planned for two years instead of just one: the topic of 2018 is going to be continued on the next occasion, in 2020 as well. Thus they are starting a long-term project, the first part of which deals with the theoretical concerns, whereas the second is devoted to implementation. The aim is to find both local and global solutions to the issues outlined in the Parisian treaty by using the tools and means of architecture, urbanistics and design.