World Architecture Day 2022

Architects’ House, 03. 10. 2022 On October 3rd, from 10:00 a.m., the Architects’ House hosted this year’s all-day-long programme to celebrate World Architects’ Day launched by the UIA in 1998. The opening event was a conference held in Kós Károly Hall, which was also the one opening MÉSZ Architects 7 programmes. In 1998 the International […]

MÉSZ 120

120 years of the Association of Hungarian Architects Text: Tamás Ulrich The history of the professional organization founded in the summer of 1902 on the initiative of Ödön Lechner as the Association of Hungarian Architects is described in a unique way in the jubilee publication prepared for the 120th anniversary, the excellent work of editors […]

Architects-in-Chief Awards 2022

Photos: Benedek Bognár Established in 2000, the Chief Architect of the Year Awards have been presented for the 23rd time this year. This award is to honour an active architect, whilst the Chief Architect Oeuvre Award is given to a long-serving or retired/retiring architect. A total of 52 architects have been awarded with it so […]

Jože Plečnik Central European Architecture Prize 2022

Hungarian Architects Honoured in Prague The Jože Plečnik Prize is awarded to outstanding architects and civil engineers for their lifetime contribution to architecture and the cause of the preservation of historic buildings and monuments. It bears the name of Jože Plečnik, Slovenian architect, who was commissioned by President Tomas Garrigue Masaryk to design the restoration […]

Ferenc Török Memoration Day

House of Architects Ferenc Török, architect and university professor, was commemorated by the profession on the first anniversary of his death in September 2022. An exhibition titled Praesens perfectum ‒ Memories of architect Ferenc Török’s oeuvre was opened in the Architects’ House by Father János Varga, Rector of the Collegium Pazmanianum in Vienna.

Young Architects in Black-and-White

In the autumn of 2022, a comprehensive volume titled Young Architects’ Generation 2006‒2022 was published by MÉSZ to present the winning projects of the competition launched in 2006.

Csonka Pál Award 2022

Founded by the Association of Hungarian Architects in 1988, the award commemorates Pál Csonka, who was considered an internationally renowned scientist and teacher of several generations of architects. The award is intended to recognize the creative cooperation of architects and structural designers (constructors). The prize can be awarded in the creative couple and individual creative […]

OSSKÁR Award for Architecture 2022

The OSSKÁR architecture award was founded in 2020 by the architects Judit Osskó and György Tokár, with the aim of honoring outstanding, new architectural creations and ensembles in which humanity, harmony and quality play a leading role, as well as organically fitting the to the spirit of the surrounding settlement and landscape. In 2022, the […]

Debrecen Forest Cultural Park

The result of the tender Concept and text: B5 Építészstúdió – Bajzáth Noémi, Balázs Anna, Balázs Bálint, Balázs Tibor, Barca Balázs, Dongó Tamás, Bagdiné Fekete Orsolya, Kulcsár Emese, Pór Kata The tender for the attraction development of the Forest Cultural Park, which was announced by the Debrecen municipality in November 2021, was closed. Only one […]

The General Assembly of MÉSZ

Architects’ House, June 8th, 2022 The Association of Hungarian Architects held its annual general assembly on June 8th, where its chairman, András Krizsán and the heads of the boards gave a summary of their activities in the past year, and presented their plans for the year 2022. The second part of the assembly was devoted […]

Unbuilt Budapest

Hungarian Museum of Transport, June 21 – September 30 A new temporary exhibition summarizing the transport visions of Budapest has opened in the future home of the Transport Museum, the Diesel Hall of the Northern Vehicle Repair. Unbuilt Budapest evokes what an alternative Budapest would look like based on transport plans for the past 150 […]

City Hall Park

Results of the Design Contest An open secret contest was published by the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Budapest at the end of 2021 for the revitalisation of the City Hall Park, including the development of green-blue infrastructure components, the creation of a high-standard public domain by preserving protected buildings, public components and environmental […]