Architecture, Identity, Balaton

In Search of Regional Strategies: the Architecture of the 1930s and 1960s

Text: Domonkos Wettstein

Iván Kotsis’s week-end house in Boglár (archív)

The committed and pragmatic approach of architects pressed by conditions is a leitmotif in the architectural history …

Ne mutlu Türküm diyene

The Beginnings of the Architecture of the Turkish Republic

Text: Máté Gergő Kovács

Of the civilisation of Turkey we typically – and of its architecture almost exclusively -know of the Osmanli, the era of which ended with the peace …

General Survey, with Many Question Marks

Discussion with Miklós Marosi, András Tibor Kertész, Zoltán Tima and Levente Szabó

Hungarian architecture has had its hedge-hopping for several years now. We tried to find the out what the reasons for this are with the intention to straighten …

Two Cities, Two Schools

Students from Kansas and the Budapest Technical University in the Buda Castle

Text: Péter Magyar

During the past two years I taught the fifth Master of Architecture course at the Faculty of Architecture of Kansas State University and following …

In-Between Surrealism and the Architecture of Folding

A Monographic Album of Simon Hantaï, 1-2, Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts

Text: György Szegő

After the one in 1976 Centre Pompidou once again welcomes visitors to a retrospective exhibition of Hantaï Simon open from May to September this summer. …

In memoriam József Király

In Memoriam József Király (1930-2013) interior architect

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József Király furniture exhibition, Árkád Gallery, 2009…