Architecture, Identity, Balaton

The committed and pragmatic approach of architects pressed by conditions is a leitmotif in the architectural history of the shores of Lake Balaton that also permeated the experimental forms of waterfront buildings as a rule. This study surveys who and how reflected about the architectural tasks of the Balaton region as well as about the regional…

Ne mutlu Türküm diyene

Of the civilisation of Turkey we typically – and of its architecture almost exclusively -know of the Osmanli, the era of which ended with the peace treaty of Sévres in 1920 after World War I. This also meant a „tabula rasa re-start for the whole nation”. This is when the Modern Age history of Turkey began, starring Mustafa Kemal who – on the ruins of…

General Survey, with Many Question Marks

Hungarian architecture has had its hedge-hopping for several years now. We tried to find the out what the reasons for this are with the intention to straighten it out in a discussion with four architects on some current and rarely discussed issues of practicing the profession, regulations, education and the social prestige of architecture.

Two Cities, Two Schools

During the past two years I taught the fifth Master of Architecture course at the Faculty of Architecture of Kansas State University and following the examples set by some of my fellow lecturers I also prolonged the compulsory six months spent abroad in the fourth year even though only with a one-week stay. First I travelled to Denmark…

In-Between Surrealism and the Architecture of Folding

After the one in 1976 Centre Pompidou once again welcomes visitors to a retrospective exhibition of Hantaï Simon open from May to September this summer. A total of 130 paintings by the artist are on show now proving that he was an outstanding figure of 20th-century European painting who had gone his own way whilst painting and hiding in Paris…

In memoriam József Király

In Memoriam József Király
interior architect

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