From the Győr Programme to the Three-Year Plan

Passages on the Economic and Profession-Historical Correlations of the Birth of Hungarian Industrial Architecture

Text: Dominika Vámos

Budapest International Fair, 1941, Photo: FORTEPAN

As the role and responsibility of architects are not only significant factors of the evolution of …

The Eastern Religious Roots of Modernist Architecture

Islam, Buddhist and Judaist Infleuences on 20th-Century Theories and Buildings

Text: Rudolf Klein

Granada, Alhambra, 1362-1391

20th-century Modernism defined itself by using adjectives such as rational and functional, and emphasizing the roles and importance of technology and efficiency it …

To the Sociology of Architect Students of TU Budapest

In Addition to the Sociology of Architect Students of the Technical University at the end of the Dual Monarchy Era (1882–1919)

Text: Viktor Karády

Synagogue, Szabadka / Subotica, architects: Marcell Komor – Dezső Jakab, 1902

Historians specialised in the …

Human-Scientific Revolution

Besides the Olympos. Magical Traditions in the Ancient Mediterraneum

Text: György Szegő

Az esznai templom hypostyl-csarnoka

Till the end of the second millennium science had rigidly separated the spheres of religion and magic, which Nagy-Árpád Miklós referred to as …