Underground Minimalism

The Modernisation of Four Stations of M3 Line

Architects: Zoltán Erő, Balázs Csapó, Gergely Hartmann, Anikó Kármán, Viktor Polonyi, Klára Szilágyi, Annamária Bretz
Text: Mária Tatai
Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

Four old-and-new stations of metro line No. 3 were opened …

Three Eras of a Villa

The Reconstruction of the Synagogue in Thököly Road

Architect: Tamás Dévényi
Text: Rudolf Klein
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

The synagogue in Thököly Road appears to be a unique building as it does not seem to be a synagogue, as opposed …

Castle, Props, Castle

Renovation of Schossberger Castle, Tura

Architecture: TSPC Kft. (Miklós Ybl, 1873)
Text: Gábor Nagy
Photos: Norbert Juhász – TSPC

The castle in Tura was built by Vilmos Schossberger in 1873, originally as a summer resort. Its designer was Miklós …

The House of the Seed-Sower

Calvinist Church and Congregation Home, Csömör

Architect: Zoltán Berzsák
Text: Sándor Csontó
Photos: József Hajdú

The Calvinist Mission Congregation of Csömör-Nagytarcsa published an invitational tender back in December 2013 for the preliminary designs of a multi-functional complex named „The …

Assimilating Zeitgeist

The Gym Hall of St Margaret Secondary Grammar School

Architects: Zsolt Félix, Tamás Fialovszky, Bálint Gulyás, Gergely Kenéz
Text: Tamás Kiss
Photos: Gergely Kenéz

Students of the Buda-based St Margaret Secondary Grammar School have recently taken over their new …

A Place for Healing

The Extension Project of the Buda Hospital of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John

Architect: Zsolt István Kiss
Text: Anna Zöldi
Photos: József Hajdú, András Móri

The first stage of the extension and modernization project of the Hospital of …

Landscape Projection, Geometric Forms

Kis-Balaton Visitors’ Centre, Fenékpuszta

Architect: Zsolt Vasáros
Text: Zorán Vukoszávlyev
Photos: Bendegúz Takáts, Richárd Tóth

The lake named Kis-Balaton is a wide marsh and moor zone of the river Zala, which formerly occupied a large area. Completed this summer, …

Spare and Playful

Tenement House with 27 Units, Kőbánya

Architects: Katalin Vonnák, Györgyi Csontos
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Viktor Rozmann

A solid and yet playful residential building has now appeared amongst the old patinated and deteriorating buildings in the industrial zone of …

Puritan and Accommodating Practicality

The Administrative Building of the Franciscan Secondary Grammar School, Szentendre

Architects: János Golda, Melinda Híves, Erzsébet Mészáros
Text: András Hadik
Photos: Tamás Szántó

Preserved from the era of state socialism, the Franciscan Grammar-School in Szentendre was the single co-ed …

At the Crossroads of Baroque and Contemporary Art

Humboldt Forum, Berlin Schloss

Architect: Franco Stella
Text: György Szegő
Photos: SHF / Giuliani von Viese, Stefan Falk, David von Becker

The Schloss boasts of a rich past of 600 years. The Renaissance-style castle was rebuilt as a Baroque …

Cultural Mission

National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre, Budapest

Architect: Zsolt Vasáros
Text: Tamás Kiss
Photos: Balázs Danyi

The Budapest-based National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre has been officially inaugurated. The complex is located right next to the City Park on …

The Weight of Beauty

The Reconstruction and Extension of Károlyi-Csekonics Palace, Budapest

Architects: Csaba Molnár DLA, Péter Bach DLA, Dénes Halmai, Rita Terbe DLA, Zsolt Bánhegyi
Text: Eszter Götz
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

Located in the Palace District, Károlyi-Csekonics Palace is one of the …