The Container

Text: Hannes Böhringer

Hannes Böhringer identifies the tub of Diogenes with the container in which everything possible has enough room for themselves as it is empty. Somewhere it empties everything that we load it with; it only stores them …

In a New Period

The Edited Version of a Comment Contributing to a Conference

Text: György Tasnádi

Interior architects tend to live continuously in the changes their profession’s identity is undergoing, as needs and requirements have changed quickly and many times. Besides, our …

…and who remembers that yellow bench in the garden?

Eco-design, new paradigm?

Text: József Zalavári DLA

Economic and environmental crises that occur periodically warn us of dangers of product development dominated by marketing and its unsustainability in the long run. A latent change of paradigms took place in …

East-West Passages

Towards an Integral History of Post-War Architecture in Europe
Eds. Ákos Moravánszky – Torsten Lange – Judith Hopfengärtner – Karl R. Kegler: East West Central. Re-Building Europe 1950–1990. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag 2017, 3 volume)

Text: Béla Kerékgyártó

What was …

Bonding Metaphors

Metaphors in Architecture and Urbanism. An Introduction
Edited by Andri Gerber, Brent Patterson, Transcript Verlag, 2013

Text: Dániel Veress

The book reviewed below is a gap-filler publication which we had waited for long. It is easy to see that …

To Build Without Frontiers

Or how a painter’s canvas turns into a universal building component

Text: Vilmos Katona

The international trend of art born in 1946 which was planted in South America in the wake of the Russian avantgarde of a generation of …

Global Sphere: A World Exhibition in Kazakhstan

EXPO 2017, Astana, 10 June – 10 September 2017

Text and photos: Pál Lővei

It is a unique experience to stand by a huge sphere but it is not a less impressive spectacle from a distance either: designed by …

Architectural Education and Research in Norway Through the Eyes of a Hungarian

Study Tour of the Architectural Doctoral School in Norway

Text: Eszter Baku

In 2016 the Faculty of Architecture of BME successfully applied for the EGT Norwegian Fund to a project meant to establish cooperation between institutions. The primary goal …

Vágó 140 – Schiffer 150

Architectural History Conference, 2017

Text: Zsuzsanna Ordasi

On September 16th, a conference surveying a most significant chapter of 20th-century architectural history was held at No. 19/b Munkácsy Street in Schiffer Mansion, organised by Anikó Dvorszky and Zsuzsanna Ordasi. The …