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  • Architectural Education and Research in Norway Through the Eyes of a Hungarian

    Study Tour of the Architectural Doctoral School in Norway

    Text: Eszter Baku

    In 2016 the Faculty of Architecture of BME successfully applied for the EGT Norwegian Fund to a project meant to establish cooperation between institutions. The primary goal was ont he one hand to build up new international relations, firstly with the Trondheim-based (Norway) NTNU (Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet), then to enhance the existing scientific cooperations with the Univerity of Oslo. The tender allowed for shorter and longer individual study tours – an opportunity which several PhD and DLA students and lecturers took –, whilst on the other hand, to organise a joint conference and workshop. This latter was the framework for the one-week study tour of students and lecturers of the Architectural Doctoral School in March 2017.