Renewed Historic Monuments with a Fresh Eye

Contest for Architectural Photos, MÉSZ-Cabinet

Text: Péter Tímár

Riesz Abigél – A Vigadó kategória, 1. díj

In cooperation with the Cabinet, MÉSZ (the Association of Hungarian Architects) published a contest for architectural photos titled „Renewed Historic Monuments with a …

33 projects, 99 sentences

Tamás Tomay’s Inaugural Lecture in SZIMA

Text: Tamás Tomay

Apropos of his 33 projects, Tamás Tomay summarized each of them in 3-3 sentences in his inaugural lecture touching upon his principles and views of architecture and the practice of …

Issues of Architectural Ornamentation

With Special Regard to Fish, Butterflies and Moths, Planktons
SZIMA Inaugural Speech, HAP Gallery, Budapest, June 12th, 2014

Text: Péter Sugár

Lauder Javne Jewish School, Budapest (with Tamás Karácsony and Győző Szelényi)

The analysis of the transformation of the …

The Fate of a Housing Estate No. 2

Careful Reflections in the 21st Century
Neu Olvenstedt Housing Estate, Magdeburg, Germany 1980–1989

Text: Melinda Benkő

Magdeburg, Neu Olvenstedt

Neu („New”) Olvenstedt housing estate was built on the north-western outskirts of Magdeburg in the late 1980s as an experimental …

Architecture to Develop Communities in Need

Building Design Strategies to Facilitate Social Integration Apropos of International Examples

Text: Tibor Tánczos

Discussion with the prospective residents in front of the construction-ready Brazilian house

More and more people realize that helping those who live on the margins …